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Our Elite program is designed for dedicated players ready to prioritize soccer as their main sport. It offers a transformative journey, personalized training, and a supportive community. With rigorous practice, specialized conditioning, and access to experts, players develop skills, resilience, and teamwork. The program opens doors to elite tournaments, national competitions, and potential college and professional opportunities. Join our Elite program to unlock your full potential and excel in the world of football. 

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Our tots program is focused on engagement and motor skills. This program allows any child to find out if the game speaks to them. Through practical and interactive games, we challenge your child to do new things and discover new ways of moving. 


Scorpion League

Scorpion League is an in-house league, that goes from outdoor to indoor futsal. The league runs in the Fall, Winter and Spring. In the winter futsal transition, it allows us to accelerate the individual player's ability to maneuver the ball fluidly . The 3v3 and 5v5 format, improves the player's ability to exploit small spaces with accurate ball movement and  clear and creative positioning. It is a great time for our players and teams to express themselves with few constraints.

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Join us this summer at DC Eleven Summer Soccer Camp for an intense, focused, fun and active soccer experience. Our camp features top-notch coaching from experienced professionals, daily skill development sessions, and challenging games and competitions.



DC XI PRO provides a platform for players looking for a high level pathway beyond high school and club. 


Clinics + Pickups

Clinics are highly specialized training programs designed to elevate players' performance in various key areas. With a strong emphasis on individual skill development, these clinics offer focused training sessions on the art of goal scoring, one-on-one defending, and goalkeeping. Each clinic hones in on specific skillsets, providing targeted instruction and practice to help players excel in their chosen areas. Whether you aspire to be a lethal striker, a solid defender, or a reliable goalkeeper, DC Eleven's Clinics offer expert guidance and tailored training to help you reach your full potential on the field. 

Here you will also find registration for summer pickup and turkey day pickup among others. 

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