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Welcome to the DC Eleven Clinics and Single Day Camp page!


Here, you will find everything you need to supplement your football experience. Register for upcoming workshop clinics or one day camps to refine your technique, join our free summer pickup series for some fun and competitive play, and RSVP for events like our legendary Turkey Day Pickup, summer-time pickups and more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our clinics offer a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with fellow footballers. 

Spring Break


Join DC Eleven for Spring Break Camp where campers will tackle a series of exciting and age-appropriate challenges designed to enhance their skills and strategic thinking on the field. From fast-paced small-sided games to thrilling competitions, every moment is an opportunity for growth and fun.

Our dynamic approach ensures that campers not only sharpen their football abilities but also develop teamwork, decision-making, and resilience in the face of challenges. Join us for a week packed with action, friendship, community, and unforgettable football experiences!

Camp is carefully organized into age-groups and skill levels. Whether your player is new to football or has been kicking the ball for years, rest assured they will be placed in a group that best suits their abilities. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is not only light and fun but also supportive and encouraging. We believe in fostering a positive environment where every player feels empowered to learn, grow, and most importantly, have a blast on the field.   

  • Options:

    • Full day and half day slots available. 

  • Ages

    • 5 - 17

  • Time:

    • 9AM - 3PM Day breakdown

      • 9AM - 12PM (Technical sessions and small-sided game sessions)

      • 12PM - 1PM (Lunch)

      • 1PM - 3PM (Small-sided match focus)

  • Equipment to bring

    • Cleats, indoor shoes/tennis shoes, ball. ​

    • Dress - comfortably (bring light jacket in case of weather change).

    • Hydration - Large water bottle 

  • Location:

    • Takoma Recreation Center (Field 1)​

    • Outdoor location, bathroom located at the center.

    • Tent: there will be a camp tent where players can store their bags. 

    • Futsal Court: at times, sessions of camp are moved to the mini court, so please have your camper bring their tennis shoes as mentioned in equipment section. 

    • Check-in; please ensure that a coach has checked your child in prior to your departure. ​​

    • Parking, limited parking on Whittier St. field 1, but there's street parking on adjacent streets. 

Spring Breack anchor


APRIL 15-19

  • 9AM - 3PM 

  • Extended day: 3-5PM

  • Takoma Rec.

  • Full day: $375, (early bird: $300, ends March 1)

  • Half day: $190, (early bird: $152, ends March 1) 


10/3/23 - TPT | DCXI Elite Players + invited (please email about this)

10/9/23 - Indigenous Day Camp | Open to all

DC Eleven DCXI Logo circle_edited.png


  • October 9, Monday

  • Takoma Recreation center (Field 1)

  • Ages 4 (tots), half day only

  • Ages 5 - 16, half and full day 

  • Half Day: 9AM - 12PM

  • Full Day: 9AM - 3PM

  • Price: $40 - half day, $75 - full day 



Summer pickup 2024 details will be updated in February 2024.

DC Eleven DCXI Logo circle_edited.png


  • Dates: Fridays July 7, 14, 21

  • 5PM - 6:30PM

  • Location: coming soon

  • Ages: 7-10, 11-13, 14-17

  • Cost: $Free (MUST RSVP)


  • Bring: Cleats, tennis shoes, water, light/dark shirt

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