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  • How do I join Elite Academy program?
    To join Elite Academy: 1. You must be invited by a coach or request a trial (tryout) 2. If you are invited by a coach, you would get an opportunity to train with the existing players to see if theres a good fit 3. To request a trial, navigate to the contact page and submit a request or email the general club email (found in footer of website)
  • What is the difference between Elite Academy and Scorpion League?
    Elite Academy is for the most serious players who have endeavors of playing at the professional or collegiate level. The DC Eleven staff expects that these players understand that the program is rigorous and meant to support players that show the deepest desire to play at the most competitive level. If you are new and still developing your skills, the Scorpion league is where you would start, from there you may be invited to play on a second team at the Elite Academy and work your way up to the first team.
  • How do I register for a program?
    To register for a program: 1. Click “Programs” in the navigation bar 2. Select action button "More info" or "Register Now" 3. If you select "More info", you will have the option to learn more before registering (Elite Academy requires more steps) 4. Complete the registration, make payment (if required) and submit 5. Review the automated email sent to the email that you registered with for next steps and communication regarding the program.
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