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Welcome to DCXI Programs, see below the details of the club. 

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DC XI believes that players must have the desire to play the game in order to be successful.

For this reason, we are looking for players with these  attributes:

Age 5 to 7

  • Respect; for parents, teammates, coaches and officials.

  • Coachable; willingness to learn.

  • Desire; love and curiosity for the game.

  • Attention; good listening skills.

  • Competitive; drive to compete across all disciplines.


Age 8 and UP

  • Respect; for parents, teammates, coaches and officials.

  • Coachable; willingness to learn.

  • Desire; love and curiosity for the game.

  • Attention; good listening skills.

  • Competitive; drive to compete across all disciplines.

  • Decision-making; acute decision making on and off the ball. 

  • Dribbling opportunity; willingness to dribble opponents. 




Our programs are organized by age bands and skill level. We offer:

Boys Juniors - ages 5 - 7; 2 days a week (typically:  Wed, Sat)  

*Some Juniors will be allowed to train up a level based on skill level

Boys Pre-Academy - ages 8 - 9; 3 days a week (typically: Wed, Fri, Sat).

Boys Academy - ages 10 - 15; 3-4 days a week (typically: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat/Sun).

Boys Amateur team Cap City FC - 16+


Girls Juniors - ages 5 -7; 2 days a week (typically: Wed, Sat).

Girls Elite - ages 8 - 10; 3 days a week (typically: Wed, Fri, Sat).



There are minor schedule adjustments throughout the season based on progress or need (coaches may schedule an extra training for the whole program or a few players who are behind, or give a break after a tough week of training or game), weather (if there are too many days of inclement weather, this may mean a slight switch in schedule for some players) and opportunities presented (teams or a tournament invites the club or a specific age to play an unscheduled match or tournament that coaches see value in).



We focus heavily on technical development; ball mastery, when players are quick to grasp the material and physically able to compete with the next age band, we reward them by asking them to participate in a more challenging environment. We also take into consideration their enthusiasm for the game and their psychological ability to handle the next level, because it is important that they enjoy the game throughout their time in the program.



We invest in performance tracking technology to ensure that we have a way to provide our players with data centered/visual feedback as well as a way to keep them accountable.



Seasons - The program is $900 per regular season (Fall/Spring); $400/season for Juniors doing 2 days and $300 for the winter season for all. We offer an annual payment plan for those who need to spread out payments. We also offer a 50% sibling discount (discount first applied to entry programs such as Juniors first). Based on the specific programming for the age group, these fees may change (for example when the Academy program plans travel overseas or to take on an extra tournament, naturally, this will require different budgeting for that season/year). 


Fall - $900, $400 (Juniors - 2 days)

Winter - $300

Spring - $900, $400 (Juniors)

Optional Summer camps - varies

Optional Free Play - Free

Uniforms - $90 - $150


Uniforms - Uniforms run roughly $150.00 for required items. Juniors program players are only required to purchase practice kits until they become of age or are moved to Elite or Pre-academy where they will compete outside of the club. We make it a priority to get affordable uniforms that represent the club’s identity well. 

* ages 5 - 7 only require practice kit (view kits)

* Ages 8+ require full kit  (view kits)


Regular Season Dues (Fall, Spring & Winter) based on your program cover:

  • Coaching staff

  • Practice

  • Scrimmage/League/Tournament (except for national/international tournaments/events that are not on the regular schedule) 

  • Equipment

  • Training grounds/Permits

  • Admin & Technology


Full Uniform Payment covers:

  • Home Kit (White shirt, socks)

  • Away Kit (Black shirt, shorts, socks)

  • Practice Kit (Blue shirt, shorts, socks)





During the summer we offer summer camps, separate from our normal programming, as well as several weeks of organized free play to keep players that are in town active. Free play is capped at a certain number each weekend and on a first come first served basis, a sign up email is circulated to keep you informed.


Covid-19 Pandemic / Small-sided approach

Due to the pandemic, we’ve opted to run more small-sided sessions as well as compete in an in-house league to reduce contact with players outside of the club. We enforce temperature checks as well as masks and hand sanitization. Our players and their families are now accustomed to this, making it safer and seamless to run sessions.


Next steps

We invite you to attend a training session or two prior to registering. We want to ensure that both your family and the club are a good fit. We understand all too well that our model is not a one size fits all model and prefer to accept players who have an overwhelming desire to be in this environment so that learning and teaching come together smoothly.

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