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The boys and girls Elite program is DC Eleven's competitive teams. To join this program you must come to a practice and tryout to be offered a spot. 

This program is appropriate for players that have developed an appetite for the game. Those that are ready to dedicate time to prioritize soccer as their main sport. DC Eleven offers Elite teams starting at U8 (7 years old).



Our tots program is focused on engagement and motor skills. This program allows any child to find out if the game speaks to them. Through practical and interactive games, we challenge your child to do new things and discover new ways of moving. 


Scorpion League is an in-house league, that goes from outdoor to indoor futsal. The league runs in the Fall, Winter and Spring. In the winter futsal transition, it allows us to accelerate the individual player's ability to maneuver the ball fluidly . The 3v3 and 5v5 format, improves the player's ability to exploit small spaces with accurate ball movement and  clear and creative positioning. It is a great time for our players and teams to express themselves with few constraints.

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DCXI Camps continues to serve both our existing players as well as give an opportunity to our community to discover what we do.  Camp is a great place to come and hone that trick that you saw on Youtube but couldn't quite figure out. Camps offer a concentrated timeframe where you see your skills rapidly improve because of the many hours dedicated strictly to evolving your game. They are also very fun and engaging; using practical and strategic games to develop skills. 

Men's Amateur


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