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Create Highlight reels


Hi Players/Parents - we have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to provide a pathway for players to pursue their football goals to the highest levels.


We have established direct pathways with stakeholders in the 3 main categories for youth footballers.

  • USA National teams

  • Colleges

  • European professional teams


One of the first thing requested by all stakeholders is a video highlight reel of in-game performances.


Our goal is to use the next few months to build an initial draft of highlight reels that will be shared with stakeholders in those 3 categories.


This initial highlight reel will be updated at the end of each season with more amazing highlights from the player.


Your help is needed in creating the initial draft and the club will then make end of season updates after the Spring season of 2023.


You will be provided edit access to the Veo recordings of your team. Please download those recordings and edit it to create the highlight reel. If you also have other recordings of in-game performances, please add those to the highlight reel.


Here are the things to include in the initial highlight reel

  1. Intro of player juggling

  2. Include initial image of player with their demographic information (Full Name, Date of Birth, Positions, Weight, Height, Nationality, Club Name, Team/Teams Name,Strengths, Favorite player of All Time)


  1. Include clips in the following sections

  • Attacking

    • runs/movement with the ball

    • runs/movement without the ball

  • Dribbling

  • Scoring

    • Shots

    • Headers

    • Penalities

    • Free Kicks

    • Corner Kicks

  • Passing

  • Scanning before receiving the ball

  • Defending

  • Winning headers


  1. Draw a red circle around the player before the clip starts so the viewer is guided on who to focus on in the clip. Include arrows guidance when applicable (i.e. player makes a no look through pass to teammate)


  1. Include instrumental music without words.


  1. Make entire clip 4 minutes or shorter



After the clip is completed, provide it to us and we will upload it to the club Youtube page. This link will then be shared with the scouting networks for USA National team, Colleges, European professional clubs.


Future highlight-reels will include statistics of the player,for the season (number of goals, number of assist, successful tackles, completed passing percentage, clocked speed

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