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Supporting Players' Decision-Making: A Gentle Reminder for Parents

As a coach, imagine spending the week at practice with your striker, fine-tuning their decision-making skills - when to turn and take on a defender, when to release the ball, and when to shoot from the top of the eighteen. With diligent practice, they begin to grasp different scenarios, but it takes time for them to feel comfortable executing these decisions.

On game day, rather than shouting instructions that give away the answer, you opt to ask questions, encouraging players to improve their decision-making under pressure. However, in a critical moment, a parent's well-intentioned but misplaced enthusiasm can inadvertently influence a player's choice.

Picture this: The game is tied with a minute left, your striker has the ball, but an eager parent shouts "shoot! shoot!" The striker, caught up in the excitement, takes an off-balance shot, missing an opportunity for a better-positioned teammate to score.

Parents, we appreciate your support, but it's crucial to remember that players must learn to make decisions independently. When we overly influence their choices, it hinders their growth. Additionally, having multiple voices of authority can create confusion.

Let's work together to build harmony on the team. Cheer for your athlete and the team, but refrain from giving tactical instructions during games. This allows players to develop their decision-making skills naturally and enhances their overall development.

Thank you for being part of the growth of football (Soccer) and supporting players' growth and success!

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