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About Us

DC Eleven (DCXI) is a game changing youth soccer club based in Washington DC.

Players enter the club at U6 (under 6 years old) and older, and can start doing tots programs as young at 2 years old. 

DC Eleven focuses on developing players for ball mastery and tactical awareness.  Players train up to four days a week depending on their specific program and age.  Players are absolutely committed to mastering their craft and preparing themselves to excel on the global stage.


DCXI Pro (DCXI Project) soccer club was founded in the fall of 2018. In 2020 Jouons Soccer and WYSA (Washington Youth Soccer Association) joined DCXI to expand the club, including age groups from 5 to 15.


Every player can become a master of the ball and the pitch. We achieve ball mastery and high game IQ through regular extended practice with the ball.  We build deep personal confidence in our abilities through trial, error and adapting to the challenges and opportunities we find on the field.  All of this immersion in the game will allows us to  build a fluent cultural understanding of the beautiful game. 

It's a simple philosophy, focus on training and competing in highly competitive tournaments.  This is in stark contrast to the "youth development" landscape that is prevalent in the United States, the focus is on "travel".  In the traditional model the focus is on "traveling" long distances to play weekly games, where players get few touches on the ball and as a result their skills development and game IQ are stagnated.  From all of our experiences and observations we have seen the traditional model as a handicap to developing players that can compete with their counterparts on the global stage.


OUR People

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Pierre H

Boys 2007

Boys '13 & 14


James K


Scorpion League

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Duy Nguyen



Elvis H



Mohan T

Girls '11 & '12


Jordan T



Arlen Garrett



Keith T

Boys '08 & '10


Bash B



Hayden S



Michael I

Boys '11 & '12


Josselin P



Musa H.





Name: Elvis Hedji

Title: King

Number of years as a player: 25+

Number of years as a coach: 10+

Favorite Player of all-time: Thierry Henry

Favorite Team of all-time: Arsenal (90's era)

Name: Keith Tucker

Title: Royal Magician

Number of years as a player: 33+

Number of years as a coach: 15+

Favorite Player of all-time: Zidane

Favorite Team of all-time: Real Madrid (Galacticos)

Most memorable moment as a player and as a fan: As a player, being called up to the Bermudian national team and as a fan seeing Qatar (it was really Saudi Arabia vs Holland during World Cup 94.

Name: Mike Idiokitas

Title: Architect

Number of years playing: 35+

Number of years coaching: 18+

Favorite Player of all-time: Zidane and Ronaldinho

Favorite Team of all-time: Brazil national teams of 1998 and 2002.

Name: Pierre Hedji

Title: The Tactitican

Number of years playing: 32+

Number of years coaching: 15+

Favorite Player of all-time: Ronaldinho

Favorite Team of all-time: Arsenal (90's era)

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