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Updated 5/16/21


DCXI Program Agreement 





In this document, you will find a holistic view of what our organization is about. We communicate our core values and expectations. We outline the many different aspects of what we will accomplish, sharing with you our vision and the standards at which we will reach goals. Joining us as a member, you become an important part of the fabric that makes the organization unique and your children, the fruits of our collective labor. This agreement covers a year-round program from August to July. It should be read fully and with understanding.


  • Terms “coach” and “technical trainer” will be used interchangeably, The “Club” refers to DCXI




The club will follow CDC guidelines on what to do when there has been exposure to COVID.  

When a member of the club has been exposed to COVID, please directly contact a member of the coaching staff and report the incident. The reporter can expect the club to gather all necessary information to fully access the exposure threat. 


Our goal is to reduce the likelihood of COVID infections and transmission among members of the club.




Players currently in the program will be evaluated throughout the season during all team activities, including practice sessions, games, scrimmages and tournaments. New players interested in the club will be evaluated during trials, practices, scrimmages and tournaments when applicable. 


DC XI believes that players must have the desire to play the game in order to be successful.

For this reason, we seek players with these attributes:

Ages 5 to 7

  • Respect; for parents, teammates, coaches and officials.

  • Coachable; willingness to learn.

  • Desire; love and curiosity for the game.

  • Attention; good listening skills.

  • Competitive; drive to compete across all disciplines.


Ages 8 and older

  • Respect; for parents, teammates, coaches and officials.

  • Coachable; willingness to learn.

  • Desire; love and curiosity for the game.

  • Attention; good listening skills.

  • Competitive; drive to compete across all disciplines.

  • Decision-making; acute decision making on and off the ball. 

  • Dribbling opportunity; willingness to dribble opponents. 


It is important to understand that this model guides the club and all technical trainers will evaluate players on such key principles. All decisions made to select a player are free of politics, relationships, friendships and financial contributions to the club. Third-party evaluators may be used to reduce the margin of error during evaluations.





Trials are held on rolling bases throughout the year. A trial encompasses an invitation to a training session or a tournament so that a technical trainer can evaluate the player. The technical staff may require that your player makes a number of appearances in order to satisfy their assessment. Trials are open to the public; any player meeting the age requirement is encouraged to come out for trials. A fair evaluation will be given to every player who comes out and selections by the staff are final. A player that is not selected may inquire about areas of improvement and return for trials again in the following season. 




DCXI’s primary focus is on player development, being so; we offer the same training to all players in the club. Naturally, some players will pick up the material faster than others. We separate the players into a First Team and a Second Team to cater to each group’s pace.


You may find in some instances that your child is slightly above the curve, but placed on a Second Team. These situations are key in developing certain players by allowing them to dominate in their environment, as opposed to compelling them to a strenuous environment that may hinder their development. 





DCXI is a competitive club that caters to the development of serious soccer players who are aspiring to reach the next level of the game. We recognize that our players and parents must dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to the program to ensure an effective developmental pathway.


The club is committed to you for a year, as you are also committed to the club. The club’s year begins Mid-August and finishes Mid-June. From Mid-June to Mid-July, the club provides street soccer also known as pick-up soccer. It provides current players the opportunity to continue playing with their teammates and give new players the platform to get to know them. In May, player assessments will be conducted at which point players will be asked to make a commitment to the club to secure their spot for the following year. We understand situations are unforeseen, and in the event that you cannot continue with the club after a given year, we ask that you communicate this to us at your earliest convenience.


Players are expected to make a commitment to DCXI as their first extracurricular priority while in season. Players are encouraged to engage in other sports that do not conflict with their club commitment. Players should bear in mind that their development heavily depends on participation in all club activities. In the event that a player is continuously breaching their commitment, it is at the technical trainer’s discretion to issue a suspension or take necessary and suitable action that may or may not need approval from the director. Decisions made are final.


We expect our players and parents to honor their commitment honestly and ethically, both verbal and written, so in making your decision, we ask that you carefully and thoroughly consider the opportunity. Once this commitment has been made, the club expects your full support throughout the entire season. The coaching staff may have to inform other families that they were not selected, so please take your decision in committing seriously. 





Matches - Match attendance is mandatory. All players are required to check-in on the software platform provided (refer to technology section). Matches may be rescheduled at short notice, the club expects your attendance. Tournaments will be played over weekends that may conflict with your normal vacation plans, the club will make its best effort to notify you well ahead of time of a composite schedule, but there are no guarantees. Barring a special family circumstance, we expect you to be at all tournaments. 


Arrival time – Players are expected to be at matches 30 to 45 minutes early (refer to schedule details) with all equipment ready and in presentable condition (uniforms should be washed, cleats should be clean and without mud). If a player will arrive late, he/she must notify their coach well ahead of time or as soon as possible. Any player arriving late without notification could see a significant reduction in playing time (at the coach’s discretion). 


During match – Players are expected to follow the technical trainers instructions. Players not in the match are expected to sit and observe as their trainer may draw necessary actions of the match to their attention. Players are expected to compete to the best of their ability and with integrity while representing the club.


Before Match – Players are expected to observe an early curfew on nights before match day. Sleepovers are not recommended the night before a match. 


Condition & nutrition – The club requires that players maintain a good physical condition in season and off-season. Being in good physical condition, or lack thereof will impact a player’s performance, playing time and ability to develop. Skills conditioning is as important as physical conditioning, and thus players are expected to work on their foot skills outside of team practices so that they don’t fall behind or get rusty throughout the year, especially in the off season.


Eating healthy meals well before training and matches, giving your body proper rest before and after training and matches are all integral parts of conditioning and nutrition. They go hand-in-hand and should not be taken lightly. Eating in a timely manner can very well be the determining factor in a player’s performance for the day.


Players in the club agree not to use drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor), smoke or consume alcohol. You are expected to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a serious athlete.


Practices – Training sessions are mandatory, and are not to be missed unless previously communicated with your technical trainer and or due to family emergencies, religious obligation or other special circumstances. All players are required to check-in on the software platform provided (refer to technology section). Players are expected to be onsite in full gear (training shirt, proper footwear, shin guards, tube socks) ready for training at the scheduled time, with plenty of liquids for hydration. All players should have at least one pair of indoor shoes (or tennis shoes), sandals, and cleats in their backpack. Players are required to have their DCXI practice jersey on at every practice. DCXI will have special jersey days throughout the year for players to have the opportunity to represent their favorite professional club and or special celebrations such as Halloween where players can wear different gear. 





While representing DCXI and under this commitment, players will carry themselves with integrity, behaving well and in a distinguished manner off the field, as they do on the field. We believe in respect at the club, and we expect our players to reflect and emulate that.





We strongly believe that academics are a fundamental part of a player’s character, thus we hold players responsible for achieving satisfactory marks in school. It is important that player’s understand that they are risking their position on a club team, if they at one point or another begin to struggle in their academics. A huge portion of what separates the elite student athlete from others is the ability to manage time and responsibilities efficiently.





The club will allow certain players with demonstrated abilities to play up an age when it is deemed appropriate. The club will also follow the regulations of the given league that the team is playing in. It is at the sole discretion of the technical staff to evaluate the situation and make the necessary decision regarding the matter of playing up. However, the final decision will be made by the coaching director. 





It is a player’s responsibility to effectively communicate with their technical trainer regarding any issues concerning the club and their team. If the player does not understand something (from training exercises to playing time), we encourage them to directly communicate with their coach.


In the event that a player feels that he/she and the coach are not on the same page and cannot understand one another, the player may reach out to the director to share their concerns.


Last minute changes are made often to fields, times and locations; it is your responsibility to stay in the know and to get the proper information. If such last minute change affects you so that you are unable to attend a team event, you must reach out to both your coach, and team organizer (manager) as soon as possible. It is recommended that all players and parents check emails and software platforms prior to an event, to be certain that they are in the loop on the latest communication.




  • A team manager is a volunteer position to help the team stay organized. A team will ask one or two parents to take on the manager role that includes the following:

  • Serve as a liaison between coaches and parents and make sure that communications are clear in both directions.

  • Provide clarity as to schedules and logistics

  • Reinforce messages to parents from the club about behavior, paying, signing up for club activities and registrations.

  • Be knowledgeable about league requirements, and act as a point of contact for league communications with the team as it relates to schedules, reschedules and team details (uniforms, fields etc.).

  • Be aware of tournament registrations and requirements.

  • Update team information and schedules in schedule manager application

  • Maintain contact information for all team members. 





Parents play a critical part in our club, not only do you pay the tab, but you are essential in making sure that your player makes it to all team activities on time. You have the responsibility of scheduling your child’s time as it pertains to the club commitment that you have made, including attending parent meetings, matches, training sessions, tournaments and other club organized events. Your communication with the club is essential in minimizing the margin of error with scheduling conflicts and to help make adjustments where necessary. The club will do its best to publish an annual schedule.





The club strictly prohibits sideline coaching. There will not be any sideline coaching from parents. The club expects you to be a supporter at all club events, and only a supporter. Directional words such as “shoot”, “pass”, “man-on”,  “time” are reserved for members of the club who are on the field of play and the technical trainer when necessary. We understand that your intentions are good, but for the sake of development, we strictly prohibit sideline coaching. Furthermore, we prohibit a parent’s interaction with the referee, and will not tolerate foul language at any event.





We expect that all parents will behave in an upstanding and honorable manner while at club events. It is a collective club responsibility that we respect our opponents and treat them the way that we would want to be treated. We want to provide the best experience and atmosphere for our youth players. Parents will avoid using negative terms such as “flop” and will not engage in provoking opponents. You will not always agree with the technical trainer on decisions that they make, however, the club has selected them because of their expertise, and would greatly appreciate it if you can respect the decisions that they make.  Foul play from our opponents is not something that we will retaliate to and or initiate, so it is important that our parents not encourage this type of behavior from our players.





The technical trainer has a commitment to the club, players, and parents to be a standup member of the club, honorable and honest in all that they do with respect to what the club stands for.


  • Trainers will instruct, evaluate, praise, and deliver criticism to players.

  • Trainers will make all decisions in the best interest of the player and club.

  • Trainers will attend all matches and club events that they can, but because some trainers will work with multiple teams; there may be times where another DCXI staff member will have to step in. In any case all teams in the club will learn the same system, making it easier for any staff member to work with the players.

  • If you have concerns about your trainer, you may contact the director. We ask that you first approach your trainer with concerns first.




  • The club policy stands that players will earn their playing time.





The club’s financial support comes from your seasonal dues throughout the year, sponsorship from several generous club sponsors (you may find on our jersey’s, while some still remain anonymous). It is very important that all members pay their dues on time, or arrange for plans so that the club can plan ahead for all of the activities organized.


All player fees include

  • League and state registrations (as applicable)

  • Tournament registrations

  • Training sessions

  • Professional trainer fees

  • Training equipment

  • Referee Fees

  • Communication and Development Technology


All seasons are required, if your player decides to skip a season, they are still financially responsible, unless otherwise pre-approved by the director.


Fees are subject to change based on club activities within a given season/year, please refer to fees structure [Appendix A] (if applicable) or in your club Welcome guide (found on the Club website). 


Refund policy -  There will be no refund for players after a commitment and payment has been made. The club schedules and pays for events ahead of time, so it is crucial that you keep your commitment. In special circumstances, a credit may be extended to you for a following season or something equivalent to the activity in question; this is to be determined by the director.





Deposit - An initial deposit will be required upon acceptance.


Payment Plan - The club selects players for the year and thus, you may set-up a payment plan to cover your fee’s for Fall, Winter and Spring. The club registration system will have payment plan options available to you. If you require a different payment plan, we may be able to accommodate, but nothing is guaranteed. 


Registration information: Required for your player:

-       Digital Passport photo (headshot)

-       Digital copy of birth certificate

-       Contact information (refer to registration form(s))



  • All players must wear their practice jerseys to every training session!

  • All players must bring both kits to every game!

  • All players must bring a flat (tennis) or indoor shoes to every club activity that involves playing!




DCXI uses different technologies to help the club reach desired outcomes in both training and organization. We expose players to devices designed specifically to enhance their ability to perform. Players will not be familiar with many of the technologies that they will encounter while training with the club; the club expects them to adjust accordingly in order to stay on track with development. Parents will be asked to use communications technologies among others to help them stay organized and informed. See below some of the technologies currently being used by the club:

  • Team Manager/TeamSnap (Communications)

  • TraceUp (Player statistics and video)

  • Google Classroom (Player online education)




DCXI will follow a general annual schedule: including a Fall, Winter, and Spring season; average of two (2) tournaments per season depending on your team program/schedule. 


*This schedule is subject to change.  Refer to your actual team schedule.

Insert table

International Residency Program

For players in the club that are interested and committed to playing professionally, it is highly recommended that they get an early taste of what it is like to train and play in Europe at the highest level.  Through partnerships with European Residency programs, players will have the ability to travel to Europe, train and play showcase-matches against the best professional academies in European football. These showcase matches are an opportunity for a player to potentially garner interest directly from the opposing professional academy or through a talent scout.


We recommend that players ages 8 to 14 consider attending a 2-week camp to start getting an initial sense of true football culture and what it will take to make it at the highest level.  Camps are offered year-round and usually cost $2500 to $3000 (flights and meals not included).  


For players ages 15 to 18, we recommend attending at least one 3 months residency program.  Players attending these residency programs will train twice a day (4 days a week) and play showcase matches on one day.  There will be two days for rest and recovery. 

The residency is equipped to accommodate players that require remote learning, so players that are still in school can attend the residency program without issue.

The projected cost of the 3 months residency is about $5,000.  This cost does not include flight and meals.


Given the cost associated with the residency program, it is highly recommended that players interested in the program should budget a year in advance of when they plan to attend the program.

Residencies are offered in the Fall (September to late November), Winter (January to March) and Spring (March to June).




I grant DCXI, and their respective successors and assign the perpetual worldwide and royalty-free rights to use my child's voice, photograph, and likeness in any media related to my son/daughter's performance in or observation of the club including, without limitation, a videotape recording of such programming without compensation to me, or my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, children, dependents, spouse and relatives.





The club has outlined these policies to ensure that each and every member of the club is treated fairly and gains the maximum benefit of what the club has to offer. Our expectations are our guiding principles and we will abide by them as we expect that all of our members will do the same. If there persists an issue that cannot be resolved by the technical staff, the director will take a look into the matter to make a final and standing decision.


We will always first communicate with players then parents before matters are brought to the director. All efforts will be made to prevent issues, and then resolve them before making any standing decisions.




I received this document as part of the DCXI Registration package and acknowledge that I have read in full and understand the information provided and agree to the terms of joining DCXI. 

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